Get paid
for your opinion!

We all know someone who has an opinion about everything and does not have any problem sharing it. Now you have some place to direct them.
What We Do is a national market research firm that conducts in-person focus groups and telephone surveys. The topics can range from the television shows you like the most, to new products, services not yet on the market, and political views.

How it Works

After signing up and filling out a survey, you will be placed into our database. Once you are placed into our database, you will be contacted by telephone when we have a focus group or survey for which you might qualify. At that time, you will be told the topic of discussion and payment amount. After your participation, you
will be monetarily compensated.

Is This for Me?

Our group participants say it is a fun and interesting experience. So if you do not mind sharing your opinion and getting paid for doing it … We want you! People of all races, backgrounds, and income and education levels are welcome. If you are contacted, you are not obligated to participate if you are not interested or have a conflict.

Market Research

Companies are always interested in real people’s opinions, and will pay you to answer a survey on new products, or products you currently use or may be interested in using in the future. Sometimes companies will give you a free sample to test in your home and report back.

Focus Groups

These are group discussions that take place in an office building or similar location, where you will exchange ideas and opinions with people similar to yourself. These groups typically last two hours and usually take place in the evening.

Intercept Surveys

Often, market research studies take place at malls or in public locations such as parks. If you qualify for this type of study, a professional interviewer will administer the survey to you one-on- one.

Shows & Movie Screenings

Before a new movie, television show, or commercial is released, studios conduct surveys to determine if people like you find them appealing. This type of research usually takes place in theaters or auditoriums, with hundreds of people providing their opinions.

Our research is based on integrity and confidentiality. Your information will not be shared or sold. We look forward to contacting you to participate in the near future!