We are a nationwide focus group recruiting firm with a local reach for clients and participants.

We Target Any Audience

Whether it be a new target, lost customers, loyal customers or that elusive customer that is the “needle in the haystack,” Money4talk will find them. We take pride in being able to find difficult target audiences such as an elderly people who do not leave the house, people with rare chronic conditions or just people out of touch with today’s way of communicating (i.e. cell phone, email, social networks).

It's All About New Blood

We are constantly advertising for new participants—online, in print, and at community venues. This allows us to choose new respondents and continually refresh our database. Recycling is for paper and plastic—not focus group respondents.

Specializing in Ethnic Recruiting

Money4talk also has a strong background in ethnic recruiting. We are able to find respondents from certain ethnic backgrounds or ethnic-based neighborhoods. Sometimes it takes more than just offering a person some extra cash for their opinion. We have learned how to establish a sense of trust and respect with many different ethnic backgrounds who may be unfamiliar with focus groups.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

We can write your screener, provide a host, and organize non-traditional venues in addition to recruiting the most-qualified respondents. We offer a la carte or full service—the choice is yours.

We are dedicated to supporting clients in reaching their target— professionally and efficiently.

Expert Staff

Our recruiting staff is diverse, with different specialties—and each professional is assigned to projects based on his or her expertise. Prior to working with our clients and participants, our staff receives internal training on proper phone procedures, cold calling, and sensitivity training.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and we use non-traditional techniques to obtain hard-to- find respondents (street intercepts, community organizations, affinity groups, etc.). We do not take call-ins for focus groups and have an active back list of respondents.

Areas of Recruiting Expertise

Advertising Research
Business to Business
Executive & C-Level Professionals
Children, Tweens & Teens
Transportation & Travel
Low-Incidence Recruits
Small Business Owners
Diseases & Conditions
Medical Recruiting (Professionals & Consumers)
Ethnic Recruiting (Including Asians, African Americans & Hispanics)

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